Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2... and I need better titles.

I finally got to spend a whole day in my classroom… and I got very little done. Here’s how to have one day go by more quickly than you would imagine:

8:00. Arrive at school. Lug in a whole lot of crap from your car. Feel like you’re dying because you are out of shape.

8:45. Awesome friend arrives and helps you lug stuff in. Sit around to talk and listen to good music. Do no work during this time.

9:30 – 11:15. Departmental meeting. Talk A LOT because you have A LOT of opinions. Then wish you could make yourself and others stop talking because this meeting is almost 2 hours long! When will it end? Continue talking anyway because don’t know how to shut up.

11:15-11:45. Machete way through storage closet. Search for Geometry books and other hidden gems. Find very little, sweat a lot (storage closet is not air conditioned).

11:45-12:00. Paper and border one bulletin board.

12:00-12:15. Need music immediately. Go through entire library of songs to make an awesome preparing-the-room playlist.

12:15-1:30. Go to Subway (mmmm Veggie Patty). Come back and eat food with colleagues and catch up some more.

1:30-2:15. Paper other bulletin board. Make a list of things to get done instead of actually getting things done. Work on syllabus.

2:15. Principal and Asst. Principal ask what you are doing from 3-5 pm. Say, “whatever you want me to do!” Laugh at self for agreeing to do everything, but don’t actually mind.

2:15-2:30. Pack up.

2:30-3:00. Drive to Digital Harbor

3:00-5:00. Go to a meeting dressed in a bright green “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt, capri pants, and flip flops while all others are business casual.

That’s just the regular day. Then I went to Home Depot to buy tile-board to use as a dry erase board. I had it cut into two pieces. One of the pieces didn’t fit in my car, so I had to slightly-shame-facedly go back in to get it cut smaller.

Then I went to Pasta Mista for dinner. Ahhh, it was a good day.

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Colleen said...

I just had to laugh at your description of your last few days because they totally remind me of my last few weeks. I've been trying to get work done and finding so many things to distract me.
I am a second year teacher too (in English). Good luck this year.