Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dancing Queen

I’ve been complaining a lot on this blog and I haven’t adequately expressed how excited I am about this year. I’m excited to:

-finish setting up my classroom, which is going to be awesome now that I kind of know what I want and what I’m doing.

-get my class lists! How many kids will I have? Do I have enough desks? Which of my kids will be in AP Stats (that’s what I really really really want to know).

-do a really awesome first day of school activity with my AP Stats students.

-meet my new Geometry students and make them like (or even love) math.

Two students came to visit me today while I was working on my classroom. I was listening to my favorite part of Nina Gordon’s “Bad Way” and was really dancing like crazy around the room. Hands in the air, stomping my feet, spinning around, etc. All of a sudden I thought, “I hope no one walks in the room” because I had my eyes closed (I was really into dancing). I opened my eyes and saw one of my students standing in the doorway laughing. No one had even been in my hallway all day, and then as soon as I started dancing… I really have terrible luck.

But this means I got embarrassment out of the way for the year, right? RIGHT?

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