Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days before Christmas complaining

I got to school late today (well, late for me, not actually late) because I was exhausted from staying up late making a packet for my AP students to complete over the break. Don't worry, it's not that bad -- and it's all review for the midterm. I'm not THAT evil.

As soon as I got to school I tried to print out the packet. My printer was working fine and then, suddenly, in the middle of the last page, it stopped working. And then a cockroach crawled out of my printer. Please let me repeat. A COCKROACH CRAWLED OUT OF MY PRINTER.

Then it crawled back in. I had a student kill it -- but he was unsuccessful in getting the thing back OUT of my printer. So I have a dead cockroach in my printer. Eh, at least it works.

Then, I went downstairs to make copies of said winter break packet only to find that someone had jammed the copier and then just left it like that (bastard). At this point I have about 8 minutes until first period. I unjammed the copier, made my copies in record time, and then sprinted back up to my classroom. Good thing I had sneakers on.

And then only 3 students showed up to 1st period -- there are 33 on roll.

Six students (out of nine) showed up to AP Stats.

Four out of 33 students showed up to 5th period.

So I saw 13 students today. The geometry classes were a complete waste -- kids just did make up work or worked on an activity from the show Numb3rs. At least Stats was successful -- I sold the kids on doing the packet and they wanted to get right to work on it.

I'll leave here today at exactly 3:05, run home to pack, and then a long drive to Massachusetts. If we hadn't had "school" today, I'd be home by now.