Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

The Internet inexplicably stopped working at my house last week and won't be fixed until next week, so I haven't posted much. So here's a quick update before I run off to Hopkins.

Tonight is my last graduate school class! I graduate on May 21st. This is very exciting.

This week is teacher appreciation week. This means that students fill out "certificates of appreciation" and give them to teachers. My favorite "Thanks you for..." notes include:

Thank you for . . .

"Being the best AP Statistics teacher ever. You taught me so many great lessons, plus you restored my faith in all white people." HA!

"Never quitting like Mr. ___ did and always inspiring us with [SmallestTwinelicious] and your incredible swagger . . . its contagious. LOL."

"Trying to be funny and teaching us the value of math!" (I love the "trying" to be funny)

And, get ready for the tears:

"Just being yourself when you teach me. You show me that you really care about me going to college. You are by far the best teacher that I have ever had."

Needless to say, I feel appreciated.


Jen @ Sunshine4Teachers said...

Wow, that last one is sweet...someone's a very mature teenager! Those are all really nice.

Ms.Alisha said...

Wow - those are some amazing certificates for an amazing teacher :) I like to put all of the nice comments and notes from students in a folder. I call it the 'bad day' folder. Whenever I have a bad day I can pull them out and read them. It does help!

Oh, and my URL has changed for my blog - now its:

Baby Jane said...

"Just being yourself when you teach me. You show me that you really care about me going to college. You are by far the best teacher that I have ever had."

I love this one...
Belated Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

bun2bon said...

It's nice to be appreciated. =)

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leah armelagos said...

Hi, I just started a teacher certification program at the University of Michigan and was looking through teacher's blogs when I came across your post. I can't imagine how inspiring and motivating those comments are to your teaching. Just reading them softens my heart towards the long road of homework and projects that I have ahead of me. I know I can pull through if I have students to teach waiting for me at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing their comments.

Feel free to follow my blog if you want!

Tracy said...

How did graduate school turn out? I hope you had a great summer and are ready to head back to school (to work that is).