Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get Off My Lawn!

Though it’s spring break this week, I just can’t get myself to calm down and take time off.

For example, on Saturday I went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Alexander’s Tavern (Tip: Order the Macaroni and Cheese from the kids menu – that plus a gin and tonic = absolute heaven). I walked past Max’s on the way home and saw what looked to be a fight brewing outside and I almost ALMOST walked right over there to tell those people to stop fighting and I was ready to break it up. And then I became sane again and remembered that I was not in school. And also that the last time I broke up a fight I ended up on the ground.

I also almost ALMOST told a kid at the mall yesterday to take off his hat.

Someday soon sanity is not going to prevail and I’m going to get myself in trouble.


Hedgetoad said...

Whenever some one swears, it takes all my energy not to whip around and give them the "evil eye" while growling "language!".

I will admit to doing it to family members, though.

Smallest Twine said...

Ha! That's awesome!

Peace Rumble 2009 said...

Be careful, now days gang members can be anyone.